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former students. took to. ukraine's police for secure their release of two of its officers who were being held hostage by armed rioters police say the two were tortured while the third suffered a knife wound. a powerful explosion is reported outside a police building in the gyptian city of suez while four people were killed in street clashes with security forces across the country on the third anniversary of the twenty levon revolution. and the ball with ghaly highbrow social gathering of europe's faraone triggers anger among thousands in vienna.
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this is our senior national coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshing now two policemen how by anti-government rioters in ukraine's capital have been released security forces say they were tortured three officers were reportedly attacked and captured one was later released with injuries are just bitter all over is following developments in kiev. well this is the scene here in kiev after the ukrainian capital spend a week gripped by violence and now see rioters have barricaded themselves in on the one of the main streets here in the at the ukrainian capital near to the number stadium now this is being the major flashpoint in this city. didn't stay we saw this whole area cleared out for a period of around half an hour by the riot police in what was
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a rather vicious running battle that was being forced between rioters. and the riot police there but i would say within about thirty minutes they'd already come back into this area though since then what we have seen is a large tire fire being set up on the front line between the between the police and the rioters now police are still continuing to try to extinguish that fire with its thick black smoke using water cannon that's resulted in this whole area becoming incredibly icy freezing freezing temperatures here well below zero in kiev now on thursday we had seen something of a period of calm as talks were taking place between the opposition and the government however that didn't last on friday more violence again and the fire has been reignited this is the scene that we're seeing i say thousands of people still here any timea to the. stadium and these rioters are quite heavily armed what we
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have seen is a lot of molotov cocktails being made there's really a production line going on towards the rear echelon of these these barricades in which more tops are being made stones are being broken up they stones around the size of paste that are being hurled over towards the towards the riot police that the police already have responded using tear gas throughout the week firing rubber bullets also using flash bang sound grenades as well but it is and has been a rather fish a standoff to say times here. with no love lost from either side and as they they've clashed and we've seen the. do you have the rights is taken away injured also many police also ending up in the hospital to see what's being thrown at them these mullets all of these rocks being hurled towards the riot police but it's a very ugly scenes over the past week here in kiev. hit all of her reporting there from capital and you can follow him on twitter for regular updates on what's happening at the barricades and one of his most recent tweet is reporting on the
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riot training being given to protesters on independence square. in the the in. epitaphs there has died in hospital in kiev after three days in intensive care bringing the death toll from this week's riots to three meanwhile the local legislature in the city of live off and western ukraine has declared that and no longer recognizes ukraine's state rather than national parliament the west of the country has seen the worst of the turmoil as artist abstains. these are the scenes playing out across western ukraine one by one thirteen region so far have been overcome by protests great huge rioters have stormed regional administration buildings it turned violent in some cases as angry crowds clashed with the police if i and all that occurring to the west but on the other
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side there's hardly any disturbance at all if we're talking about people from cellphone east and boss they get to participate in any sort of military action in the southern region of the crimea authorities have had enough of the national wide uprising they are ready to defend be some order although they seem confident they won't have to because of my business this wave would never reach us but if it does our party is ready to provide help to law enforcers we would set up roadblocks and not let anyone get inside crimea our party a lotus capable of mobilizing up to five thousand people would give you a new group we're not talking about seceding from ukraine yet we're talking about restoring constitutional order but we would never accept any orders from illegitimate bodies of power created as the mind. for a better understanding of what exactly happening in ukraine in terms of its territory we have this map over here the parts of the country marked in yellow the
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ones where the local administrations have already been overthrown the red ones the contests the territories the pink ones where riots and mass uprisings are still taking place and the blue ones where nothing is happening at all there is no revolt no uprising. at all and you can see for yourself this is pretty much a fifty fifty division such storm and dragon is in between the two sides of the country have greater concerns which had previously seemed unthinkable that ukraine my folder yugoslavia scenario and break apart any sort of splits in the area we could happen within the next two weeks must be described as quite possible because . they have been our forces. probably in two parts. we have two different causes on thursday the opposition declared a truce with the government for seventy two hours but with rioters in kiev again burning tires and hurling burning projectiles at the police hardly anyone in
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ukraine feel that the crowds are listening to anyone right now alexia were shot skeet are reporting from kiev in ukraine ukraine's president is meeting for crisis talks with the opposition again he offered several concessions earlier promising to reshuffle the government and release those arrested during riots in the capital this week. and though while the planets fail to appease the demonstrators in kiev officials to the east of the capital are still enjoying strong support are just fall asleep reports from. most of the east and south of this country is supportive of the government and the president i'm here in the city of donetsk where there has been a pro-government rally happening just a short distance behind me and emotions here are running high they have been in various speeches where people have been saying we support poison jemma coverage that he has been truth and justice on the inside and that they will not hitting down i've been speaking to a number of people who turned out one particularly emotional woman told me that she
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came today because this is a fight for her children and grandchildren one of the accusations many here have been leveling at the protestors in kids that firstly they're small in number they do not represent the country and say can be that they believe power is in the waste and the united states are actually paying people to come to the streets and rejoice that concerns. the group of foreigners should not be deciding the fate of our country is the people who are to decide. what i think this unrest is spayed for by the west to break your brain as a united state. you know the words that was really i think more people are supporting the government but they're working and doing that instead of standing there on my down in addition to this demonstration there's some twenty cities in the east of the country that will today be holding pro-government rallies we're talking about tens of thousands of people who are expected to come to the streets now on the political level the latest word is that president coverage yesterday did
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agree to concessions and these include on the one hand retiring the head of the city's administration and at the same time we shuffling the cabinet but it doesn't seem as if these seemingly outward stretches of compromise are being met by the opposition and the european commission. therefore enlargement stefan fool has called on ukraine to put an answer to the violence on the heels of his visit to kiev brussels and washington are blaming the government for the chaos and threatening sanctions while largely viewing the protesters as peaceful victims of a police crackdown a ukrainian affairs analyst told us that this is exactly what the opposition wants they're trying to force the issue this is this is your typical extortion tactic the whole point is to force the government to react the whole point is to force another police forces to confront the protesters and then scream bloody murder oh my god they're killing us they're oppressing us please help look what's happening help us foreign intervention and so on and so forth it is
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a very basic tactic from the rebellion playbook being implemented throughout the world in georgia and elsewhere in ukraine in two thousand and four of all things so i think the protesters are trying to make a point that they're to ones to decide what gets done and we may see it's the violence as evidenced by mr klitschko statement that we will hold until this until the negotiations are over but we have the power to actually go in striking initiate attack and he's he's directly gainsaying his foreign supporters who are saying the government is responsible for this it's not it's a protesters the ukrainian interior ministry has accused the protesters of ignoring truce agreements so hagerty dot com for all the details and real time updates on the situation there. to other stories now egyptian state t.v. is reporting a powerful explosion near
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a police building in the city of suez will bring you that entails on that as information comes in a taft or at least four people were killed in clashes between prose on this protest march and police across egypt on the third anniversary of the twenty eleven revolution police used tear gas to disperse crowds railing against the army backed government meanwhile on top we're square supporters of the regime are staging a mass rally the build up to the uprising anniversary was marred by a series of deadly explosions targeting foreigners across cairo with six people killed on friday. has admitted to being behind the attacks also on friday and now other fifteen people were killed and clashes between muslim brotherhood supporters and police argues bill truth is in the midst of the unrest three is known from the two thousand and eleven revolution egypt was supposed to be celebrating instead deadly bomb blasts rocked cairo targeting police offices as the country descends into chaos gyptian a dangerously split between those who backed the military and those who support
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ousted muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi crowds of people gathered at the science of the bomb blast which ripped open the facades of egypt's main police headquarters in cairo the people here like many in governments but main them is above the heads and say it is a vengeance hike on the state's office they ousted islamist president mohamed morsi with anger mounting there is likely to be a harsher crackdown on the islamist group. exit the brotherhood where they are to blame for this the terrorists want to break the country in half some are afraid to leave their homes but most are more determined than ever to go to the streets against the brotherhood for the revolution anniversary the military installed government accuses the brotherhood of being behind a row. raising insurgency and the spike in terror attacks the media has observed the scheme announced by the brotherhood at the meetings abroad who want to disable the country's political road and disturb the referendum on the constitution the muslim brotherhood is just a tool our enemies the foreign element that controls these tools all egyptian
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people know about this but hundreds of brotherhood supporters are in jail and they say they are under attack from the power hungry military this month the majority of the population approved a new constitution that broadened the army's power as it shields the military budget from cuts gives the armed forces the right to approve defense ministers and choice of billions in military courts the military coup that the always career the kind of. explosions just to get to picky to get the typical justification again it's the people and we believe that these three bombing this morning these three losers this morning. just to. have more on the more massacre is against their patience in this street three years after the uprising which saw the country unite against a dictatorship egypt is now increasingly divided rather than celebrating
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a new democracy and much needed change. steeling themselves ahead of more violence . kyra. of a twenty one revolution and it almost three decades of authoritarian rule by hosni mubarak after more than a year after incisional military rule the islamist back candidate mohamed morsi was elected president his government pushed through and new constitution criticized for being over influenced by sharia law a popular uprising against morsi led to him being forced out by the army a year later the military then launched a crackdown on the muslim brotherhood with thousands of supporters killed in the unrest the group was then declared a terrorist movement cairo based journalist mohammad sub recess the brotherhood is responsible for much. the keep talking of conspiracy theories they keep blaming the government for staging those bombings it's the pork mince which is absolutely nonsense but of the same time the opposite the opposite side which is the regime
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and the regime loyalists them to produce what protestors are not peaceful themselves and are as hostile as the muslim brotherhood is what what should be stopped now and what the government should be working tirelessly to stop inciting violence you know why didn't those gaps between sectors of the community and moving the country forward towards a phase of civil strife and coming up we'll bring you the latest on the international peace conference on syria in switzerland and that of plenty more in just a few moments here on our senior national. the world economic forum was created in nineteen seventy one and for over a forty years the dirtiest scuzzy just names and business banking and politics of bet and davos switzerland and each year's meeting they claim they are meeting in
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order to devise new ways to save the world to deliver prosperity it's all. economic down in the find out. the shanghai and the rest because i think we will be if we.
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welcome back this is our to international around six sounds and furious demonstrators swarmed into vienna in protest at an annual ball attended by europe's leading far right politicians holocaust survivors are among the strongest critics of the conover szell event playboy reports from austria. beginner's academic a ball courts protest and courts of a sea everywhere because of the names on its guest list it's become a gathering of far right political leaders from across europe it's hosted by our serious freedom policy and for my guests include marine le pen francaise national front leader as well as far right wing politicians from belgium germany and italy several thousand protesters hit the city streets tomorrow i'm doing that the ball is once and for all not acceptable right when people are in the cause of your non dancing celebrating reproducing the match is not going to be yours it's
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a closing bridge between a right to extrude mission in austria a. little off to society it's a crying shame to me to be you be a mystic movement today the crowd gathered here is dying to have left wing groups representatives she didn't organize ations most of the jewish community holocaust survivors ontopic she says it is simply just like the fact that it was the gathering is taking place in the city's main palace where people with bots extremist and anti semitic views are gathering but the reality is that these right wing groups all gaming popularity across europe it's very very scary to us that these parties are growing so much the crisis in europe the socialist or disillusioned i'm a private parties they did not have to ride on scissors anti-christs and along
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comes the ride to right wing extremist parties and they have very easy answers protest organizers say it's far right political leaders the said to be holding secret meetings planning on how to build will not surgeon popular support that they haven't uniting ahead of the. european parliamentary elections in may but once they're inside the palace as the saying goes they're only going to be one thing so the right and the diverse crowd that's represented here this evening is determined to show that it's not be about twenty boys see vienna. far right movements have been winning support across crisis stricken in europe as war cash strapped citizens turn away from traditional parties and governments in austria the freedom party made a strong showing in september's general election with over twenty percent of the vote the popularity of the dutch party for freedom is currently at the same level
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while the movement for a better hungary polls at thirteen percent angries the golden dawn party has become the country's third political force. and an r.t. dot com there's some long awaited good news for and fracking campaigners in the u.k. and ireland gas firm is scrapping plans to tap into shale deposits and picturesque southern england but not because of public protests in cannes the project find out what made the corporations give up on fracking at the site. plus the u.s. has developed so-called space cop satellites to patrol earth's orbit but it's not people they'll be policing as we explain online. here and government officials and their main political rivals have met face to face for the first time the talks at the ongoing geneva two conference were brokerage and led by international envoy lakhdar brahimi while the opposing syrian delegation is did sit
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at the same table they have not yet started negotiating directly without a mediator the opposition once in talks to focus on the resignation of president asad which has been rejected by syrian officials the u.s. and its allies are also calling for regime change or russia which helped set up the geneva two summit says foreign meddling is unacceptable. well those are the syrians must decide themselves what to do there is no other way it's impossible to introduce some scheme like drawing a list of who leaves and who comes in their place if that is social engineering and it never ends well if the task is simply regime change as some are trying to do syria could plunge into complete chaos and order must be preserved and there is no other method to do that except to maintain existing institutions local political elites are to hearing how the absence of several cases aryan and regional power players at geneva two means it will be hard for the conference to yield a break for. but there is no military solution to this crisis i think that the
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leaders of both sides although it's hard to even say both sides given that there are so many sides right now but i think that all sides recognize that to be true the question is how long is it going to take and how many more people have to die before a real agreement that would include an arms embargo as well as a temporary cease fire can come into effect we can't afford failure but i'm afraid that without iran and without some of the crucial parts of the opposition that a ceasefire will only be partial that the an arms embargo is probably right now out of reach. more of the world's news this hour here on our international all five of the egyptian embassy staff kidnapped in libya have now been freed on what a man is a cultural believe in government says the incident appears to have been a retaliation by a militia group to the arrest of the commander in egypt
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a series of abductions in recent weeks has underscored tripoli's inability to rein in have only armed former rebels. the president has reiterated he will not sign a security past with the united states until peace talks resume where the pakistani taliban high karzai has repeatedly refused to hand a deal which would allow american troops to stay in afghanistan beyond two thousand and fourteen the agreement could give u.s. soldiers the rights to raid people's homes and grand immunity from prosecution. and breaking set as next year in our national well for our u.k. viewers stomping on the ground with. another whistle blower is facing a lot of heat. including
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a wave of death threats but what did she discover some sort of dark secret cia plans or some other plot for a new war of luxury no she exposed something far more dangerous and important to the zombies on their couches the university of north carolina athletes are mentally unfit for college and even high school mary willing come blew the whistle on the fact that between eight and ten percent of the school's football and basketball players read of a fourth grade level and many others are sub college level she also claims that these students were allowed into the university based on the screening process done by the university i.e. implying that the use of n.c. knew exactly who they were letting into the university remember college football makes a lot of money i always had a feeling that something like this was going on i mean according to usa today many college athletes claim that during the season they put in more than double the amount of hours on sports that they are allowed that's fifty to sixty hours a week how can they possibly learn anything maybe it isn't so sad that this goes on it is a reflection of economics what is sad is that the whistleblower is getting death
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threats just for saying that it is going on by those stupid hardcore fans but that's just my opinion. on the money with the business of russia. been videos like a bit on the alice sets so i figure you martine a serious health crisis unfolded in west virginia that left three hundred residents seeking medical attention and over three hundred thousand on able to drink their tap water so it all went down after the company freedom industries admitted that
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a storage tank of the chemical for metho hexane methanol leaked into the water supply of charleston first of all great job putting in corrosive chemicals and a seventy plus year old storage tank just a mere mile and a half upstream from the city's main water supply guys but that's not it now we're finding out after all was said and done that there was a second chemical that was mixing of a toxic compound that no one knew about until just two days ago it's called paul the glycol or ph the other one i already knew about is called cleaning chemical called and c h. and don't worry according to reports experts think that maybe it's not any more dangerous than the first chemical not that we would really know considering how little information there is about what these chemicals actually do. but if you think that's bad check this out according to business insider these exact chemicals have been poured into the water supply for decades joe stanley
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a west virginia minor told the site quote i watched the coal industry poison our water for years and c.h.m. was just one of the chemicals we were told was highly toxic but that we dumped an old mine shafts and slurry ponds and it's been seeping into the groundwater for years. these sums up his statement with one simple but grave warning don't drink the water while understandable when you take into account almost three quarters of all coal mines in the u.s. haven't been inspected and at least five years according to a.p. . so if this story doesn't convince you that we should and our addiction to coal once and for all then i don't know what will let's break the set. of the such they are looking very hard to take that are putting on the line that he ever had sex with the
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terror threat there are those. that believe. such. utter. utter utter utter utter. utter. a periodic review board assigned in two thousand and eleven to deliberate the fate of guantanamo detainees just concluded its first session and its findings the board ruled that yemeni citizen and get no detainee mahmoud. he needed is no longer a significant threat to the security of america the announcement comes as a sign of progress of these detainees many of whom were cleared for release years
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ago but the overclassification and the lack of transparency the trial observers journalists and the general public continues to raise doubts over whether closure of guantanamo will ever come to fruition this week marks five years since obama signed the real executive orders to ban torture close cia black sites and began the closure of america's most notorious prison so joining me now to discuss that secrecy that surrounds get now i'm joined by u.s. navy lieutenant commander kevin beaucoup he thank you so much for coming on and i mean we have to rely on it over the last year there have been a handful of detainee transfers is this a positive sign that we should be expecting more of. let me start out by saying i represent along with various other excellent attorneys i represent three men who are currently detained at guantanamo bay and i will say this is a very positive sign in that last year eleven people were released from guantanamo bay but eleven people per year even if we were to keep up that average you can see
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how long it would take to finally meet president obama's promise to close guantanamo bay we have to move much faster but the fact that the very first periodic review board came up with a result that mr mujahid no longer poses a threat to the united states is a very positive sign it at least shows that this board is willing to look at the facts as they are and to make an appropriate decision sure but for those who don't understand really how the process works that now that doesn't necessarily mean much it could just mean that he's been transferred into the last security threat level of detainee and being transferred some are still deathly in another prison correct me that's exactly what it means in the case of mr majority that he essentially gets transferred from a category of individuals who are being indefinitely detained pending the end of the war on terror whenever that's going to happen to a group of now seventy seven individuals who are i should say a group of yemeni the.


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